Wednesday, April 23, 2008

my cartoons

hi friends,

I am posting some of my cartoons for you. Now, you will be able to see my latest cartoons on my blog. I will keep adding more stuff on it for you to enjoy and I will wait for your views eagerly.


Sudhir Tailang

Hi, Friends,

I am a political cartoonist. The role of a cartoonist in a democracy is very important. I play the Opposition to the powers that be. Its not an easy job to come of with one brilliant idea every day! But we have politicians who work full-time for the cartoonist-- and not for the people.
This is my debut blog. I really have no idea about what it will offer. At a time whenn Aamir Khan and the Big B are blogging , I thought why not give it a try!As I learn more about blogging, I will add more stuff. I will add some of my cartoons and if its possible even a couple of short videos.
But that's later.
For the moment all those readers who have always enjoyed and loved my cartoons, please let me know your opinion, views and anything about my work.
I have no idea how the blogging business works ... but hope to discover soon.
Welcome, Friends, to the enchanting world of my cartoons!

Sudhir Tailang

Sudhir Tailang

Born on 26 Feb.,1960. Bikaner, Rajasthan.
B. Sc. ( Biology ), M.A. ( English Literature )
Presently working as Associate Editor and Political Cartoonist with the Asian Age
where he draws one big political cartoon every day.
Worked with The Hindustan Times for about 17 years.
First cartoon appeared in 1970 when he was only ten.
He joined The Times of India group in 1982 and worked with the
Illustrated Weekly of India in Bombay. Shifted to Delhi in 1983
And worked with NBT.

He formed a voluntary group to raise funds for the
Bhopal gas victims by drawing on-the-spot caricatures.
Sold his Rajasthan drought sketches and raised Rs 1,00,000/- for
the drought-affected people.
Sold caricatures to raise funds for the Kargil soldiers. His 7-foot Kapil Dev caricature was auctioned for Rs 70,000/- which he donated to a children’s organisation.
Has done some short animation films and his award-winning celebrity show
Mera Studio-Mere Mehmaan for DD in 2005.
a two-part film on the art of cartooning for Doordarshan.
Also made a series of films, 50 Years of Lampooning,
on legendary Indian cartoonists for the national channel.
A one-man show of his cartoons and caricatures was held in 1986
and another one in 1997, was held at Shridharani Art Gallery, New Delhi.
From Rajiv to Atal, a solo show of his best cartoons on seven prime ministers, was held at Gallery Espace, New Delhi in 2002.
He held a solo exhibition of his best cartoons in London in May, 2004.
In November , 2006, his exhibitions were organized in Germany.
In July, 2004, he did a 16X20 foot big mural—first of its kind— which has giant-size caricatures of film stars in colour, in a multiplex DT Cinemas, Mega Mall at Gurgaon. This is in the LIMCA BOOK OF RECORDS, 2005 for the tallest caricature of Amitabh Bachchan .

He has several books to his credit-- including, The World of Sudhir Tailang ( published by UBSPD in 1992); Here & Now, a collection of his big political cartoons; Here & Now-1, a collection of his pocket cartoons.
Sudhir Tailang’s Big Cartoons, a book of his political cartoons, was launched in 2002.
Cricket Here & Now, his cartoons on the theme of cricket, was launched in 2003. All published by Wisdom Tree.
He has done an interactive multimedia CD, World Of Cartoons, explaining various aspects of the art of cartooning.

Was awarded Padmashri in 2004.

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